Oak Harbor


About Oak Harbor

Oak Harbor sits on the northern portion of Whidbey Island, on the east side of the island. This was one of the early settlements there and stayed very small untio the completion of the Deception Pass Bridge connected it with the mainland. It really sprang to life though with the opening of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Today, Oak Harbor is the largest city on all of Whidbey Island. This is a friendly town with a place to buy anything you’d need on your trip around the Cascade Loop. It’s also located in a good spot where it can used as a base of operations for you to explore everything the island has to offer.

Things To Do In Oak Harbor

Oak Harbor has a lot of entertainment options right within its boundaries. Some of the most popular are simply different areas where you can get down along the water. A visit to the city marina provides you with the chance to see a number of boats entering and leaving the small harbor that shares its name with the city. Several parks like Oak Harbor Beach Park, Holland Gardens Park, Volunteer Park, Fort Nugent Park, and Flintstone Park offer fun times for the whole family. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities there, including everything from department stores to locally owned shops. And a wide array of restaurants are available too. Some other local attractions include a large public pool, active nightlife, art galleries, antique shops, museums, golf courses, and more. Getting out and just driving around town, especially along any of the roads that lead by the water, can be a fun thing to do too.

Oak Harbor – The Surrounding Area

One of the best parts of Oak Harbor is the large amount of very cool and very popular things there are to do and see right around it. To the south you’ll find the town of Coupeville, Fort Ebey State Park, Admiralty Head Lighthouse, and Fort Casey State Park. Just west of town is Joseph Whidbey State Park which is yet another way to get down along the water. Some of the most popular attractions on Whidbey Island are located just north of Oak Harbor, those include Deception Pass Bridge and Deception Pass State Park. When stopping at the overlook at this historic bridge, you’ll want to be sure you have your camera along. Other things to do and see within an easy drive of Oak Harbor include wineries, farms open to the public, art galleries, scenic viewpoints, golf courses, state and county parks, marinas, and the Pacific NW Trail which can be found all along the island. Getting out and about when visiting is another way to come away impressed and pleased with both the Cascade Loop and Oak Harbor.

Great Places To Stay In Oak Harbor

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