About Plain

The community of Plain sits just north of Leavenworth and can be accessed from the east and west by the Chumstick Highway, a sometimes used alternate route along the Cascade Loop. This route is extremely scenic and offers a nice look at rural North Central Washington. The town is a true getaway and offers true feeling of being off the beaten path. Plain has a very small downtown area that consists of just a few businesses and offers a lot of choices for vacation rentals and outdoor recreation. What Plain really offers most of all is a laid back chance to nestle in and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Things To Do In Plain

The town of Plain offers several chances to get outdoors right from town, including snowmobiling, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and more. There are also several lodges and vacation rentals where you can go and enjoy the quiet things like sitting around a campfire, relaxing on a large deck, simply walking through what is at times a very sleepy community.

Plain – The Surrounding Area

There are a lot of things to do around Plain, many of them associated with outdoor recreation. This area is covered with trails that seemingly head off in all directions. These trails are perfect for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and in some cases offroad vehicles. There are also plenty of camping options on all sides of Plain too. Lake Wenatchee, and the state park that shares its name, is located just a few miles west from Plain and a lot of fun can be had there both out on the water and along the shore. The Bavarian community of Leavenworth is also near Plain and there you will find tons of great restaurants, nightspots, and more. If you are a skier, you’ll also like the fact that Plain is an easy drive away from the Stevens Pass Ski Area. The town of Plain is conveniently located in a great part of the Cascade Loop and an area very worthy of being vacationed in.

Great Places To Stay Near Plain

Website: Lake Wenatchee State Park

Plain Area Eats & Drinks

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