About Rockport

The community of Rockport sits on Highway 20 between Concrete to the west and Marblemount to the west. Rockport is a tiny village of less than 200 people. It’s wedged in between a thick forest to the north and the Skagit River to the south. The scenery you can take in while there is absolutely stunning.

Things To Do In Rockport

Camping is one of the most popular things to do in Rockport. This small community is home to Rockport State Park. At 670 acres, there is plenty of room there to handle all who visit. Rockport State Park sits in an ancient old growth forest that has never been logged. Hiking the trails there, whether on your own or if you’re lucky as part of one of the rare guided tours, will show off huge trees and an intact ecosystem that would be hard to see anywhere else. Also located in Rockport is Howard Miller Steelhead Park. This amazing local park features RV camping spots, rental cabins, tent sites, hiking trails, a boat launch on the Skagit River, historical features, and more. It is not uncommon to see all kinds of wildlife there. Extra time spent in Rockport is a great way to make your Cascade Loop vacation that much better.

Rockport – The Surrounding Area

You can enjoy the wilderness and natural scenery while staying in Rockport, but you can also see a great many things by getting out and about in the surrounding area. To the east of Rockport are the communities of Marblemount and Newhalem which you’ll eventually get to if you’re heading over the Cascade Mountains from there. In that direction you’ll also find more campgrounds, a small winery, a friendly organic farm that’s open to the public, the North Cascades Visitor Center, and several attractions associated with the dams of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project. West from Rockport is Concrete and the rest of the Skagit Valley. In both directions you’ll find great places to eat and interesting places to stay. Without a doubt, a great time can be had both in and around Rockport.

Great Places To Stay Near Rockport

Website: Howard Miller Steelhead Park

Phone: 360-853-8494
Website: Ovenell’s Heritage Inn

Website: Rockport State Park

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