About Wenatchee

Wenatchee sits at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers, near the center of the state. It rests at the edge of the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains and has for a very long time been a very important agricultural part of the country. The climate is generally dry and you’ll find a whole lot of sunny days there. It’s a fun place to do that has a lot to offer.

Things To Do In Wenatchee

Wenatchee has an interesting history, and much of it can be explored at the Wenatchee Valley Museum. Other attractions in the city include the Ohme Gardens, Riverfront Park, wineries, breweries, live performance venues, movie theaters, and several places to access the water of the Columbia River. The Apple Capital Loop Trail that runs along the shore of the Columbia River is a great way to get out and get some fresh air, as well as get some great exercise by running, bicycling, walking, or roller blading. Wenatchee also has some very popular restaurants and nightspots too.

Wenatchee – The Surrounding Area

One of Wenatchee’s biggest draws is its geographic location. There are tons of locales located all around Wenatchee that are a great source of beautiful scenery and an excellent place to participate in the best of outdoor recreation. With the Cascade Mountains to the west, an almost desert-like climate to the east, and abundant sources of water on all sides, all kinds of recreational fun can be had there. Some of the more popular include skiing, boating, fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking, paddle boarding, camping, and more. A unique attraction just north of Wenatchee is Rocky Reach Dam which comes complete with a museum, visitors center, and large landscaped grounds. It’s very easy to head to Wenatchee and find plenty of things to do.

Great Places To Stay In Wenatchee

Phone: (509) 662-1700
Website: Comfort Inn – Downtown

Website: Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Website: Lincoln Rock State Park

Wenatchee Eats & Drinks

Website: The Thai Restaurant